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User Instructions


When initially using HOT POT, press firstly boiled water with air-
pressure button repeatedly to drive all the water out, there is
plastic odor in the beginning, along with continuous using, the
odor will disappear.
1. Opening hood to infuse water
  •   Infuse water not over full water line to avoid water spewing from
    mouth while boiling.
  •   Don't pour water directly from faucet to prevent electric shock and
  •   It's abnormal to hear "clatter" while opening or closing hood.

Closing hood

  • Close hood tightly
  • Don't close hood too strongly

                                              USAGE 2 and 3
2. Boiling water

  • After boiling, warming indicator turns on automatically, Not to open
    hood while water boiling
            Time to boil       about 25 minutes

3.     Pressing boiled water (watch out vapor)

  • To move water-press controller to "OPEN" position and push water
    press-button. (when water starts boiling but in small amount, there
    could be some spurting water that would cause heating injury)
  • After pressing boiled water, move water-press controller to
    "CLOSE" position.
  • Be careful for the vapor when opening hood to pour water out.

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Note: Read all instructions before starting. In the beginning, there may be
a plastic odor, which will disappear with continued use.

1.  Gently pull up on latch and open hood.

2.  Using a kettle or other vessel, fill to "full-water" line. Do not fill directly
from faucet to avoid damaging HOT POT. Do not overfill to prevent boiling
water from spurting.

3.  Gently lower hood, making sure it is tightly closed all around.

4.  Make sure that water-control switch is in "CLOSED" position.

5.  Fit the smooth plug end of the electric wire into HOT POT socket and
insert the two-pronged plug at the other end of the wire into electric outlet.

6.  Water boils automatically and takes about 25 minutes. Boiling indicator
will light up and switch to warming indicator when water is boiled.
Do not open hood while water is boiling.

7.  When ready to use water, move water-control switch to "OPEN"
position. Place cup or other container under spout. Press down on pump
button on top of HOT POT. You may have to press several times. Be
careful of the steam emitting from the boiled water.

8.  When finished pumping water, move water-control switch to "CLOSED"

9.  When finished using HOT POT, disconnect electric wire. Make sure
water-control switch is "CLOSED." Carefully open hood, being mindful of
steam from the hot water. Pour out remaining water.

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