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Language Masters


Frustrated by the incomprehensible instructions accompanying
games and small household appliances, Marcia Drezon-Tepler
initiated Language Masters to help manufacturers avoid embarrassing
mistakes and increase sales. The enterprise then expanded to provide
a range of research, writing, editing, and public relations services
to businesses, organizations, government agencies, think tanks,
the media, and publishers around the globe.

Trained in journalism, Drezon-Tepler brings to Language Masters
a rich background in writing and editing. Drezon-Tepler's diverse
written portfolio ranges from press releases, op-eds, and conference
brochures to a published book and articles. She has edited a variety
of materials, adding value to organizations, agencies, businesses,
and newspapers and gaining them national and international attention.
Most recently, she edited the editorial and op-ed pages at
The New York Sun. She also has taught expository writing on the
university level.

Drezon-Tepler has a doctorate and several master's degrees, including
in political science, international affairs, and Middle East studies,
all from Columbia University, and a bachelor's degree in history from
Temple University. She has worked for government agencies at all
levels and for nonprofit organizations, writing and carrying out projects
on a range of topics, both foreign and domestic. Drezon-Tepler's wealth
of knowledge and experience enables Language Masters to handle all
types of projects.

Language Masters is dedicated to excellence and is committed to
the success of your enterprise. With meticulous attention to detail,
Language Masters treats every project as if it were its own.

  Language Masters.Writing, Editing, Public Relations, and Research Services.